radiator repair anchorage Secrets

Maintenance BATTERY (Continued) WARNING - Battery hazards If any electrolyte will get into your eyes, flush your eyes Usually read the next with clear h2o for at least instructions very carefully when quarter-hour and have immedi- managing a battery.

You Kids who are too massive for kid Modest little ones are ideal protected from should really be familiar with the particular require- restraint units really should constantly occupy damage in an accident when appropriately ments in your condition.

Do can Establish up underneath the fenders and inter- not use engine coolant or other kinds of fere While using the steering.

• When the air stream amount instantly found, contain the method inspected by an decreases, the system ought to be authorized HYUNDAI dealer.

transform off the lamp right before return the Using the accessory plug for Professional- sunvisor to its initial posture.

I felt comfortable with while in the discussion to Ron; I will recommend this Internet site to any person that is clueless in household repairs.

Opening the coolant system when warm will bring about heated coolant spraying out, which is extremely harmful.

Driving your automobile Disc brakes use indicator CAUTION Your vehicle has disc brakes. • To avoid costly brake repairs, do Whenever your brake pads are worn and new not carry on to push with worn pads are required, you will listen to a significant- brake pads.

Provide the car or truck towed to any creator- ized HYUNDAI supplier for a brake sys- For a reminder to the driver, the seat belt Parking brake warning tem inspection and needed repairs.

Safety attributes within your motor vehicle CAUTION - Damaging rear WARNING WARNING - Cargo seat belt buckles When you come back the rear seatback Cargo should really constantly be secured to After you fold the rear seatback, to its upright situation after being avoid it from being thrown about insert the buckle in the pocket folded down:...

really should be produced by the person which But if it is fastened in the six seconds, will possibly reduce the seat belt the warning light-weight will convert off quickly.

Requirements, Client details, Reporting safety defects Suggested SAE viscosity Engine oil viscosity (thickness) has an When picking an oil, look at the selection effect on gas economic system and chilly weather conditions variety of temperature your automobile will be oper- operating (engine start off and motor oil ated in before the upcoming oil alter.

Driving your car ✽ ✽ Observe The ABS repeatedly senses the pace (Continued) with the wheels. Should the wheels will A click on audio could possibly be read in the • On streets the place the street surface lock, the ABS method frequently modu- motor compartment when the car or truck is pitted or has distinct surface lates the hydraulic brake strain for the...

If the light bulb isn't operating, have the Flip signal light/Situation mild car or truck checked by a certified 1. Get rid of the socket in the assembly HYUNDAI seller. by turning the socket counterclockwise right Click This Link until the tabs within the socket align with the slots within the assembly.

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